Five Ways to Work Full Time and Study Full Time Simultaneously

Trying to work full-time while studying full-time might seem impossible, but it isn’t. You have to juggle homework, social life, classes, work and struggle to remain sane. Is it possible to study full-time and work full-time? Don’t mind that it sounds crazy, because it is totally possible. 


  1. Focus on the endgame

This is more of a reminder than a method. When you are studying under a tight schedule, things might get crazy. When you feel overwhelmed, do not regret why you are doing this simultaneously. During such moments, remind yourself of the endgame. That means you should have a motivating factor. Find something to hold on to and make it your mantra. 


  1. Enhance your reading speed

Usually, the biggest challenge when you are working and studying will be keeping up with the homework and extra studying. Remember that doing extra work is essential in getting good grades. The best way around this is to increase your reading speed. 


  1. Use your vacation breaks wisely

Depending on the kind of work you do, you might be allowed a few days off. It will be tempting to travel, but consider using this time to study. After all, you only have to sacrifice a few summer breaks before you finish your studies. 


  1. Decide to sacrifice

In order for you to be a successful adult student, making sacrifices will be inevitable. Every day consider giving up something. It could be your favorite TV show or any other thing you do for fun. The forty minutes you spend on social media can be used to review your notes. 


  1. Keep your manager in the loop

Unless you run your own business, then you will be under someone. You need to inform your boss about your study schedule. Most managers will support your efforts as long as you keep them up to date with the happenings. When your manager is aware of your study plans, they are more likely to support you than when they are not aware.

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