Common Cover Letter Phrases Cause You To Miss Your Dream Job

You have already crafted a killer cover letter to suit the role you are applying for at the company. Having written dope closing and opening lines, you are ready to submit it. Before forwarding the letter however double check to ensure you are not using these phrases as they might sabotage your best cover letters.

#1- I think I will be a great fit

Whenever you use the phrase “I think”, it is obvious that it is what you thought. Phrases such as “I feel”, “I think”, and “I believe” are redundant and also make the user sound insecure. Do away with all the opinion phrases on your cover letter. In most cases, you just need to do minor adjustments for the letter to be perfect. For instance, instead of saying, “ I am confident that my research skills will make me a great project manager,” say “My research skills would make me a great project manager.”

#2- This job will help me because

Let’s face it, only you, your friends, and family members care about how the job would help you. The hiring manager does not want to know whether it will be beneficial to you. All they want is to find a perfect fit for the position. So, avoid explaining how the position will boost your leadership skills, and understand the industry more among other benefits. Simply explain why you are applying for the particular job at the company. Use this formula: The company’s needs + your ability = you getting the job.

#3- I am the best candidate because

Confidence is great, but arrogance is not. Imagine reading through seven nicely written cover letters then one candidate says they are the best. That would be annoying, right? Even if you are certain that nobody else can beat you with regard to your skills and abilities, refrain from saying that. Instead of using good and best, go for:

l Great

l Excellent

l Terrific

l Unique

l Outstanding

l Strong