4 Common Job Search Tips You Should Ignore

Job searching is different from what it was decades ago when our parents were building their careers, although some things have stood the test of time, others have been left in the past. For instance, can you imagine looking for work without a resume? As new roles and industries come up, the hunt ought to change too. Here are some of the prevalent practices that you should never follow.

  1. Prioritizing your skills and ignoring your personality

Many job seekers focus less on having relevant technical skills and appropriate qualifications. Although what you have acquired from college is correct, you must have the ability to showcase your credentials to employers. If you want to make it, you have to add value beyond the job description, navigate relation dynamics and impact people.

  1. No need for negotiation

You have often heard people saying that you should be grateful for your first offer and should not bargain. Well, this is now in the past. At the moment, you should always negotiate, especially when you feel that you deserve more than what they are giving. While at it, remember to consider your job description, as that is what matters the most.

  1. Applying without connections

You ought to talk to someone within the organization so that you may send your application directly to the individual. Forget the automated prompts you get from a company’s website. Getting in touch with an employee who is part of the organization before applying gives you more insight of the role you are seeking.

  1. Stay put

In the past, staying at a company and working your way up was always sound advice, but not anymore. At the time, it was appropriate to be asked to stay put and climb the ladder. However, if you have room to grow elsewhere, why not grab it? Do not waste your precious time in a company where you have zero chances of developing in your career.

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